Embrace Your Inner Strength

April 5, 2019



It’s important for women to have a sense of confidence and self worth. In the modern age, there aren’t many legal hurdles to hold women back from being the best they can be. Societal hurdles, however, are a different story--but with enough of that self confidence even those can be overcome or brushed aside. Women are often given unasked advice about what to wear, how to behave, and what’s appropriate. It’s important to remember that just because someone has an opinion on what they think you should be, it’s simply that, their opinion! There’s no reason why their personal opinion should override your much more informed opinion on yourself and your life. Having a strong girlhood with female coworkers, relatives or other students can vastly help improve your sense of self worth. Many times men simply don’t understand what it’s like to move through the world as a woman, and the same can be said of women not entirely understanding what it’s like to move through the world as a man. With that being said, other women can provide an amazing support system through shared experiences, advice and simply just being there to listen. Reading novels or literature written by other women can also help a woman struggling with confidence. You’ll find that the point of view differs greatly, and oftentimes it’s a welcome change to women who have found that the majority of works considered esteemed in the American literary canon are usually from a male perspective. Finally, women should not be shamed out of negative emotions and should not feel at all embarrassed about seeking help for depression or problems they are facing. Most women at a young age statistically deal with difficult issues like sexual assault, abuse, depression and anxiety, eating disorders or addiction. These problems aren’t things that can be overcome purely through self will generally and require outside help like support groups and therapy. There is no shame in seeking help! Therapy and support aren’t crutches, but in fact tools that can help make a woman the best and most confident woman she can be. When you know who you are and what you strive for it’s hard to be shaken by anyone else’s opinion of you and what you should be doing. This is why it’s important for women to build a strong sense of self and brush off unwanted comments about who they are or what they ought to be.


























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