Season and Suddenlies

May 6, 2019


Seasons and Suddenlies an excerpt from the upcoming book 911.   


The enemy whispers in your ear;” you’re not good enough, you are not smart enough, strong enough and pretty enough.” The dreams that you have, you are not worthy to have them come true. The world lies to you by the standards they have set of who’s who. You don’t fit the bill. You are unique, clumsy and weird. The enemy says no one needs your creativity. No one needs YOU! 


*There are times when a page of life turns, and you discover a whole new chapter is opening up.  Instead of a new chapter of the same story, you unexpectedly find yourself in a brand -new story - one that you had no idea was waiting for you.” *enlivepublishing.comby Helen Calder December 1, 2016.*


We all know what a season is, but we don’t always know what season we’re in.  Spiritually speaking, a season is a period of time - that can be specific or indefinite. We know that to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven (Ecc. 3:1 - KJV) We know we’re not supposed to grow weary in well doing because we’ll reap if we don’t give up - in due season. (Gal. 6:9 KJV).


We know if we meditate on the word day and night, we will stand like trees planted by the rivers of waters, bringing forth fruit in its season and prospering in whatever we do. When you are in a season, stop, pray and meditate. Ask God to show you what you are to harvest in this season.  Then apply what you have learned in your life. 



(Psalms 1:2-3 KJV) But we must also know that it is God who changes the times and seasons. (Daniel 2:21 KJV).  We can’t change our own season, but we can position ourselves for a season shift.



God has good plans for us in 2019. He wants to shift us out of what has held us back from his best and into his good perfect and acceptable will. (Romans 12:2 KJV) 


Get Ready! Get Ready! For Your Shift!


*excerpts from 2016 prophecy: A year of shifting seasons and suddenlies.**

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