Redesign Your DNA with Sahsha Campbell-Garbutt

May 30, 2019


Health and Wellness have become very important in the world. I never concerned myself with living a healthy lifestyle until I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is where my thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones to regulate my metabolism. I began to notice a lot of changes within my body: hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, and muscle aches. I diagnosed myself as just a part of getting older. I was distraught to hear of this condition. Never in my life did I have to take medication daily. Now, I have to take a medicine called Levothyroxine. I then decided it was time to become more Health and Wellness conscious. 


One day I came across Sahsha Campbell Garbutt. She is a Wellness Advocate, Author, International Speaker, Chief Spiritualist Misfit, and Plant-Based Nutrition Guide. “My mission is to guide you in becoming wise in transcending consciousness holistically. You will get uncomfortable, and you will make others the same, but through this process, you will become confident in your own intrinsic wisdom to go naturally beyond your current state of self-awareness, so that you can accept how great you are and how magical your life can be.”


I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing her.


Who is Sahsha at her core?


 I am a being who is learning how to live optimally, simply and without interference of old mental patterns.


What made you want to become an Entrepreneur?


 I’m a corporate entrepreneur. In both of my positions, my desire was fueled by the need to serve people to the highest degree. 


What has been your greatest challenge as an Entrepreneur?


 To allow my- self to shift even though it may look different that my initial path. Another challenge for me is to learn that even entrepreneurs need a day off.


Why is it essential to be one with mind, body, and spirit? 


There is no disconnect between them. One cannot have a sound mind or body alone and expect peace of spirit. One cannot have peace in spirit if their body and mind is in disarray. To bring harmony into all of them is to develop the capacity to magnify your life’s purpose. 


What do you tell women who are struggling with personal and professional life?


 Pause. Listen to what’s bothering you. Take steps back to trace the origin of your irritation. Take steps forward in order to trust the work you’ve done to heal. Practice the art of being present to hear your next move.


Share one challenge you experienced and how you overcame it? 


I went from thinking I was just going to be an inspirational author. Then the Creator beckoned a shift within me to be a plant-based nutrition guide and lecturer. I had to trust the urge, because I couldn’t ignore it. It was uncomfortable because I wasn’t in “control”. When I surrendered to my plan and allowed the Divine plan magic happened. And thus, another shift and continual shifts. The ability to be fluid will determine how deep you dive in this life. 


What final words do you want to share? 


Stay open. Be gentle with self. Practice discipline allows miracles bigger than your thoughts to manifest. Smile often. Enjoy the journey.




How can others connect with you?

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Life and Light Wellness 


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