Side Effects

June 13, 2019

I have read a fantastic book called; The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz. It's excellent and offers a wealth of information.


We don't get to choose our parents and even our family members. We are the product of our environment.  Growing up and the things we have been through, and the people we are around, we end up taking on their characteristics, and that's just part of life. There's nothing that we could do to prevent taking on the aspects of our environment. However, we can use, you know, our environment to either motivate us to success or use our situation to cause us to fail.


Let's look at both negative and positive side effects that our environment can cause. As I read this book, one thing that stood out was when there are three types of people in this world when it deals with the 



The first group of people is the ones who have given up. They have surrendered completely.  These are the people who have said, hey, there's nothing I can do. I can't get anywhere; I'm going to always be in this position at this job with this company. I'm just going to go ahead and retire here. I am not even going to think about what I am going to do with my life. I give up. 


 Another group of people is the ones who are partially or who have partially surrendered; meaning you know what? I have a good job. They have set goals for themselves. They said, we're going to do this, we're going to accomplish this, we're going to do this. Also, guess what? Obstacles come, and instead of them continuing and dealing with each obstacle, they decide to resist. They give up.  We can't get there. Even though we're this close, just too much is happening. I have a good life,  an excellent job, and I am not poor. However, I am doing fine.  So, they continue to live our lives this way.


The last group of people is a small percentage of very successful people. They have not allowed all of their environment or the things that people said they couldn't do to dictate their life, their success. They are the ones who are CEOs. They are one who is leaders. They are the ones who are so hungry for their purpose and living the life of their dreams; they did not stop at any cost. 



What category are you? If you are in one or two, then strive to be in the third group. It's going to require work, determination, changing your mind, and putting yourself in a position of success. 

If you're walking in your purpose and you are living a life of your dreams, so you're pleased with where you are at, then you are successful. However, if there's something inside of you that's yearning and burning for more and become more, then you are not at the point of where you want to be. So, let me offer some words of encouragement. 



Now, for you to get to group three, you need to take your environment, take all the negativity, everything that has happened in your life and change it and use it for positive.


 If you have friends who are negative and if you continue to hang around those types of people, you're going to end up being a negative person. So, one of the things you need to do is change your company, meaning change your friends. 

You are a product of the people you hang around. Think about who your friends are, your company that you keep matters, and also birds of a feather flock together.


Join different organizations, different groups of people who are nothing like you, where you can learn for them and come a part of these organizations where it can help you grow. 


Also, don't let your mindset become poisoned with gossip. Do not gossip or talk about other people. 


Last, have a positive mindset. Don't allow people's opinion of you dictate who you are and the life you want to live. Don't go back and forth with needless conversations of trying to prove who you are. Prove them wrong, by how you live.



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