Power Outage

July 9, 2019



Are you experiencing a complete loss of power? The kind of power that needs a recharge.


Power: a source or means of supplying energy- Merriman Webster 


When my power goes out it disrupts my life. I can’t charge my cell phone, watch television, cook for my family, stay cool when it’s hot outside and it becomes difficult to get dressed for work. I quickly call the energy company to report a complete loss of power and wait to get confirmation on when I can expect it to be restored. The feeling of not knowing if my food will spoil makes me anxious and I’m constantly pacing the floor, hoping to hear a notification on my phone to read that the problem has been resolved.


Power outages remind me of the complete loss of power I experienced emotionally when I lost my mother and grandmother within a year apart. I discovered that my mother and grandmother was the only power source I was connected to. Who would restore power to me now? Yes, I love God and know of His existence but never had a relationship with Him, so I searched for another source of Power. I looked for friends and family for that power source, but they were not available. Through my tears and agony, I became weary and cried out to God asking Him to please show me my purpose or just let me die. 


God spoke and said, “If you trust me, I will show you your purpose-power and take you on a journey you will never forget.” My mother had been my only source of power through all the challenges I’ve gone through in life up until she passed away. The power source she provided was love, speaking life into me, encouragement and support but I needed a power source that would tackle the negative energy surrounding me. It was time to tap into another source and God became my main power source. He became that high voltage of power I needed.


When the power goes out in your life, it is necessary to recognize the source of power you need to be recharged. Some power outages will take very little voltage (friends and family) while another source will require a more powerful voltage (God). Tap into the power source that will recharge your life and know that God has the highest voltage of them all. The way to connect and plug into His source or any other source is to:


  • Have a relationship with God

  • Pray for guidance and understanding 

  • Like and love yourself

  • Surround yourself with others who can offer a power source through their own experiences. People who have been where you are and have overcome.

  • Journal. It’s important for you to see your progress

  • Believe in Your Own Power 





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