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July 17, 2019


Have you ever worried-prayed?  I bet you have done this quite often. I know I have. You find yourself complaining to God about problems and not truly asking Him to intervene.  Your prayer probably starts like this: God, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I’ve been putting up with stuff and dealing with that stuff.  Issues of people not acting as real people do. Treating me as if I am a child. Wanting me to be who they want me to be.


Then you move on to the next thing, God, I’m sick and tired of borrowing or not having enough money to make it through until my next paycheck.  You see others who don’t live paycheck to paycheck. Then you ask God: What did I do wrong? Why and I struggling to make it?


Lastly, you conclude with your final complaint about getting skipped over at work for promotion even though, you are running your department or you’ve trained everybody on your team.  You say to God; I have worked so hard and shown up in excellence here at work and I am overlooked. Some of my co-workers get all the credit for the work I have done. Why?


It’s easy to get into the habit of complaining to God and talking to Him about needs and forgetting to ask specifically for what one needs.  But we can flip those problems around and view them from another perspective.  Knowing that the Lord is the Lord and worries are not.   


The Holy Spirit says God promised in His word to defend me if I stay still. Jesus teaches us to pray, giving us our daily bread, He indicated he will provide for our needs if we trust 

Him. Matthew 6:11 CSB


 Exodus 14:14 CSB “The Lord will fight for you, and you must be quiet.”


Instead of telling God about our problems, we should begin thanking God for our needs and trust Him for the outcome.   After your prayer - instead of worry praying, we can tell God our needs, trusting and believing God for the outcome.  


These words are exerted from Max Lucado - Anxious for nothing summer online bible study. 2019.

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